About Me

I am a life long lover of computers. After receiving a Timex Sinclair 1000 (ZX81) for Christmas in the early 80’s when I was a teenager and hacking on an Apple 2 during school time, I developed a fascination for  what the simple transistor could do and I still have that fascination today :). As a System Administrator, I have studied many IT disciplines and amassed a great deal of general IT knowledge, which I make great use of in my day job.  I have decided to spend my spare time focusing on websites and small application development. A huge field that I find extremely engrossing. I am a keen supporter of open source / free software, as I believe that software development is more of an academic and artistic pursuit, than a purely engineering one! Once I get my act together all my work will be released under the GPL, and any revenue I receive from them, would be from support and donations. You may wonder where the inspiration came from, for the unusual name “Hellhouse Software”. When I first started to experiment with networking there was a need to create a domain for each network I created. After trying several different names I finally settled on HELLHOUSE. Hell is obviously part of my name and with a house full of children of similar ages, an appropriate name for the house network, did indeed seem to be HELLHOUSE!! 🙂 Also, Hellhouse Software gets a very high ranking when you search for it in Google 🙂