Welcome to the Hellhouse !! :)

Welcome to my Blog/Website, where I plan to showcase my hobby software and websites. Everything you see here is experimental and has been created for my own enjoyment. If you use any material or software gleaned from this site, then you do so at your own risk. Hellhouse Software has been created as a hobby venture, who knows where this journey may lead. If you do wish to make a donation to Hellhouse Software, it would be very much appreciated. Please use the “make donation” link located on the main page :)

Current software projects are iRivo (An internet radio player) and Applauncher (A simple application launcher program). I have created several WordPress Websites and intend to make several more. Check out the projects page for complete details of my projects.

If you are after a simple website to promote your business or hobby and are prepared to have it created under the above conditions, then please get in contact

mike at hellhousesoftware.co.uk.